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Automated Emails of Weekly PDF Reports of Recruitment Campaigns

Overview A project created for Pure Human Resources (a.k.a Pure HR), this automation carries out an important task that needs to happen but wasn’t happening consistently. This automation fetches information from a software tool called Team Tailor using an API, processes the numbers into something meaningful, and then injects that information into a PDF report. … Read more

Extracting Student Note data via an API to create PDF Reports

Contents1 About The Client2 The Problem3 The Project Requirements4 The Technology Involved5 The Result6 What the client had to say… About The Client Founded by Emma Walton in 2010, Riviera Tuition provides a range of tuition services for students from Key Stage up to A-Level across Torbay, Teignbridge, Exeter and South Devon. With a large … Read more

A bespoke WordPress Theme with easy-to-edit templates and features to increase page views

Contents1 About The Project2 Wireframes2.1 Wireframes – Brilliant Business Tools Homepage2.2 Wireframes – Single Article Page3 Evolution of the Brilliant Business Tools Logo4 The Graphic Design4.1 The Graphic Design – Homepage4.2 The Graphic Design – Single Article5 Building the Website and Bespoke WordPress Theme5.1 The Custom Page Layout Tool5.1.1 Page Layout Tool – Introduction Text … Read more

Creating a Bespoke PDF Technical Sales Brochure Generator for Sales Teams

Contents1 About The Client2 About the Project3 The Project Requirements3.1 Requirement 1 – Creating a branded business portal to generate PDF brochures3.2 Requirement 2 – Creating an API for their main website to access technical data3.3 Requirement 3 – Providing multi-lingual support for the generated brochures4 Conclusion5 What the client had to say… About The … Read more

Creating a Bespoke Portal for Rating and Reviewing Cheese – Fetaccompli

Contents1 About the client:2 About the project:3 The Project Requirements3.1 Requirement 1 – Create a fast-loading searchable database of Cheeses3.2 Requirement 2 – Give visitors the ability to rate and review cheeses3.3 Requirement 3 – Make it easy to register and login3.4 Requirement 4 – Implement the ‘My Cheeseboard’ capability…4 In Conclusion5 What Leo had … Read more

Creating a Business Portal for the Royal Yachting Association

The project for the RYA was to create a portal to make it easy for sailing clubs around the UK to purchase personalised and branded advertising materials. We provided a way for clubs to update location, logos, contact and event information about their new member events, and then provide that data in an API that can be used by a completely separate website

Customisable Message Area – for Important Notices

Tracy owns an accountancy business with several team members. During the initial weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak, her team were inundated with emails and calls from their clients asking about their funding options from the government. To help visitors to her website get access to their Frequently Ask Questions about what support there was, she … Read more

Instant Quote Price Calculator

Our client Carole tasked us with creating an instant quote calculator for her Property Inventories and Inspections website. Having provided us with an outline of fields and a spreadsheet of the calculations, we set about creating a calculator for her website homepage. The calculator was created to blend with the existing website design, and has … Read more