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Reducing overwhelm with automations...

In a service-based business, there are several problems that you encounter as you grow and scale. One of the most common problems is that you and your employees feel overwhelmed with trying to do everything.

The list of things to do increases as you attract bigger projects and clients. You find that there’s lots of ‘stuff’ that needs to happen. Handling leads, doing meaningful follow-up, more invoicing, as well as admin around billing.

On top of all that, with a bigger team, you realise that you need more revenue to cover the team’s salaries, rent, and management resources. So that means you need more sales. That means more marketing is needed, and you need to do more customer relationship management to increase the value of your existing client base!

So that means there’s even more stuff that needs doing. It seems to go through waves of being really quite overwhelming and stressful!

Thankfully many of these tasks can be automated.

Showing the next new event

Example 1: Automating Upcoming Events

A small project where you need to reliably remember each month to change the dates on the website to show when the next business networking meeting is going to happen.

  • It automatically shows the next event without any human intervention.
  • There’s no need for a bulky WordPress plugin that will probably slow the website down.
  • Other upcoming dates can be shown on the website, whilst removing past dates (again without human intervention)
  • It saves any embarrassment about having old dates displayed on the website.
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The PDF Report with Recruitment Statistics

Example 2: Automating a weekly report (that hasn't been done in a while)

What if you want to  send a status report to each client, every week, of the progress of their recruitment campaign?

  • Clients love the report, as it keeps them informed.
  • You love the report, as it reminds the client what value you’re giving them.
  • It takes about 30 minutes per report to collate the information.
  • There can be as many as 10-20 reports per week to do
  • You used to send the reports regular as clockwork, but haven’t done so for a while
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