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Protected: Creating An Automated Split Invoice Payment System with Stripe

A tool for parents to pay tuition invoices where payments are automatically split between the tutor and the tutoring company.

Creating a Bespoke PDF Technical Sales Brochure Generator for Sales Teams

Contents1 About The Client2 About the Project3 The Project Requirements3.1 Requirement 1 – Creating a branded business portal to generate PDF brochures3.2 Requirement 2 – Creating an API for their main website to access technical data3.3 Requirement 3 – Providing multi-lingual support for the generated brochures4 Conclusion5 What the client had to say… About The … Read more

Creating a Bespoke Portal for Rating and Reviewing Cheese – Fetaccompli

Contents1 About the client:2 About the project:3 The Project Requirements3.1 Requirement 1 – Create a fast-loading searchable database of Cheeses3.2 Requirement 2 – Give visitors the ability to rate and review cheeses3.3 Requirement 3 – Make it easy to register and login3.4 Requirement 4 – Implement the ‘My Cheeseboard’ capability…4 In Conclusion5 What Leo had … Read more

Creating a Business Portal for the Royal Yachting Association

The project for the RYA was to create a portal to make it easy for sailing clubs around the UK to purchase personalised and branded advertising materials. We provided a way for clubs to update location, logos, contact and event information about their new member events, and then provide that data in an API that can be used by a completely separate website