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Instant Quote Price Calculator

An easy-to-use calculator for website visitors with a super-simple interface for admins to update pricing.

Our client Carole tasked us with creating an instant quote calculator for her Property Inventories and Inspections website. Having provided us with an outline of fields and a spreadsheet of the calculations, we set about creating a calculator for her website homepage.

The calculator was created to blend with the existing website design, and has been designed to work near-instantly within the visitor’s web browser.

Once the price has been calculated, a ‘Book Now‘ call-to-action button is also generated. Clicking on this button redirects the visitor to the contact page with their selections injected into the web form, ready for them to make an enquiry. This saves the user effort and makes it a little easier for them to make an enquiry, increasingly the probability of the website generating a lead from the visitor.


Updating the pricing…

To make it simple for Carole to update her pricing without the need for code or help from us, we created a simple interface in the WordPress admin area of the website. This settings page has panels for the messages shown in the calculator, the message in the contact form, the link to the terms and conditions, and of course the prices to use for the calculator.

This is an example of a project that we’ve done where we give the client complete control over the content on their website, so that they can easily update the content themselves.


For Curious Techies…

This project includes a custom settings page, with javascript and jQuery being used for calculations. Additionally, the design of the calculator uses SASS and classes from Bootstrap 4 so that it’s blended with the rest of the website.

What Carole has to say about us…

We've not yet uploaded this testimonial... it's on the way!