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Customisable Message Area – for Important Notices

A part of the website where you can show any important news or messages for your visitors.

Tracy owns an accountancy business with several team members. During the initial weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak, her team were inundated with emails and calls from their clients asking about their funding options from the government.

To help visitors to her website get access to their Frequently Ask Questions about what support there was, she asked us to create a notice area so that her clients can go to the website to get up-to-date information.

A relatively simple job, we modified the WordPress template for the homepage to insert a new notice area. We tweaked the design to ensure that it blended with the rest of the website, and then created a settings panel that her and her team see when they edit the homepage. This means they can change the message at any time, to anything they want it to say.

A custom notice area - where you can update the message on the website

You’ll see from the above screenshot that there’s also an option to switch this box off (the Show/Hide option). This means Tracy can choose when she wants to disable the notice box. Whilst we were in the code, we added a second notice area below her main video, to give her the choice for showing less-urgent messages.

More Examples what you could use a notice area for:

  • Telling your clients and visitors when you’re away on holiday
  • Sharing Christmas and Easter opening times
  • Notifying if there are increases/decreases in availability of stock
  • Advertising new products or services to your visitors