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Extracting Student Note data via an API to create PDF Reports

A tool for a tutoring company to automatically extract tutor report data into PDF reports, organised per student.

About The Client

Founded by Emma Walton in 2010, Riviera Tuition provides a range of tuition services for students from Key Stage up to A-Level across Torbay, Teignbridge, Exeter and South Devon. With a large number of highly experienced tutors, they offer 1:1 tuition tailored to each student to help them succeed.


The Problem

Riviera Tuition have a contract with the local authority to deliver tuition to Special Education Needs (SEN) students. As part of their commitment, Riviera Tuition wanted to create weekly reports for each student, so that the local authority can keep records.

All of the data is already on their TeachWorks tuition software, as the platform is used by their tutors to keep lesson notes for each student. With nearly 70 students, the administrative work to manually extract the report data from the system into a PDF takes approximately 2-3 hours per week.

Emma asked if we could automate the report generation, to significantly reduce their administrative effort.


The Project Requirements

Using the API with Teachworks, we created a tool that automatically generated an individual PDF report per student, with lesson notes selected between a specific date range.

To simplify administrative work, the students are grouped into folders by the school or college that they attend. This makes it easier for the Riviera Tuition team to send the reports to the correct part of the local authority. All of the PDF files are then zipped up into a single package for easy downloading.


The Technology Involved

  • TeachWorks – A software tool designed for tutoring schools to manage tutors and students
  • WordPress – Used as a platform for hosting the integration


The Result

The resulting tool saves over 150 hours of administrative effort per year (and even more so with the new students that Riviera have taken on). 150 hours is roughly 4.5 weeks of employee effort! The tool will generate all of the reports in approximately 3 minutes. That’s quite a time saving!


What the client had to say…

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