Who owns the data in any automations we create? - Automation Thingies

Who owns the data in any automations we create?

Quite simply, you do.

Any automation we create for you may modify data or send it to a different system, but the data remains yours.

You’ll already have measures in your business to protect the data that you collect and store (e.g. for customers and past orders/invoices). And it’s likely that you’re already using software to manage some data (e.g. a quoting system (e.g. PandaDocs, Signable), a CRM system (e.g. Active Campaign, Keap), an accounting application (e.g. Xero, Quickbooks, FreeAgent).

Any automations or integrations that we create will either use a tool such as Zapier or Make, or, we’d create something bespoke. These integrations will simply be transported from one application to another almost like a ‘data pipe’, much like moving water around a home using pipes.