What happens if there’s an error? What happens if something goes wrong? - Automation Thingies

What happens if there’s an error? What happens if something goes wrong?

Occasionally errors will happen, and they occur for a variety of reasons. Typically, these errors happen when the system encounters unexpected data or information, resulting in a disruption of an integration. Additionally, there might be instances when an application within the system becomes unavailable, which can be caused by an unresponsive server or a malfunctioning application.

From an integration perspective, where possible, we’ll build in the following:

  • Email notifications to us when there’s an error (e.g. from Zapier or Make, or within the custom code for an integration).
  • “Trying again” – there’s some code or setting that means the system will make further attempts to send data when an error occurs


How we fix it – under warranty

If we’ve created a custom automation automation for you (either using custom code or existing tools), we’ll fix any bugs or errors for up to 6 months since we’ve delivered the solution to you. We do these fixes free of charge, as part of the warranty that we offer for automation projects.


How we fix it – out of warranty or other automations you have

To help business owners like you, we offer automation support packages. A bit like IT technical support, but specifically for automation. For clients on a support package, we’ll fix the error and then explain to you:

  • what happened for the error to occur
  • what fix we applied to the automation
  • if there’s any further work that’s needed to handle this situation in the future.

If you’re not on a support package, we’ll either offer you a fixed-price quote or a support package so that you can get the errors fixed.