What changes do I need to make to my privacy policy? - Automation Thingies

What changes do I need to make to my privacy policy?

If you are introducing automations into your business, there are a few things you’re going to need in your privacy policy (and potentially your terms of business).¬†Whilst we’re not legal experts, the following should help you to determine what additions and changes you need to make to your policy documentation.

By using additional software tools, there are additional considerations when processing the data of your prospects and clients.

  • Explaining what data you are collecting, and the purpose of that data that’s being collected.
  • The type of data that you are collecting, and the legal and business purpose for that data. Is any of that data personal? Is any of that data confidential?
  • What are your data retention periods for that data? How long will you maintain that data? What auto-deletion policies do you have implemented? (or need to implement?)
  • What data is shared with third parties? What data is being transferred internationally?
  • What systems are you using that are GDPR compliant or compatible?
  • How do users give consent for use of their data? How do users opt-out of their data being used?
  • Procedure for Data Breaches: Explain the procedures you have in place in case of a data breach and how you will communicate this to the relevant parties.

Whilst some of these are big questions, they should help you to create an effective privacy policy. We highly recommend working with an expert in privacy and data policies, to help ensure your policies are correct and up-to-date.