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Automation Tools with Lifetime Deals

It’s really easy to build up lots of subscriptions to software in business, and you find that your outgoings gradually increase when you keep purchasing software. However, when you’re really busy, it takes time to learn a piece of software. If you’re learning something completely brand-new, you need a bit of time to get to grips with it.

This is why we like lifetime deals with software, as they give you a great starting point for trying some new technology.

  • Lifetime deals are used by software companies to generate revenue quickly and to get their first wave of customers
  • The deal is usually a one-off price (with no further monthly or yearly fees)
  • Deals are often particularly good value (but it’s not always guaranteed)
  • AppSumo is a company that we particularly like who host lifetime software deals


Here are some deals that we’ve spotted recently that might be of interest to you. We’ve not yet tested these tools, but they are particularly good offers and might be worth a try. AppSumo have a 60 day refund period too, which means you don’t need to rush to test the software.

Albato – a no-code automation tool, much like Zapier and Make. Starting at $69 for Tier 1, there’s a $139 Tier 2 package that has webhooks, which gives you lots of flexibility.


BigVU – a tool to help you create videos with fancy captions and teleprompting using AI. Their base tier of $69 looks very generous.

Robomotion RPA – a robotic automation tool for creating automations. Their base tier of $99 could be enough to get started and experiment.

  • If you’re an Entrepreneur’s Circle Member, you’ll recognise this as a tool to create ‘Honey Badger’ automations.


Just a warning though, it is very easy to get sucked into buying lots of tools. So simply buy tools that you think will be useful.