Can you explain how it works? - Automation Thingies

Can you explain how it works?


We want you to understand how all of the technologies in your system worth together. We’ll either create a video that explains how your automation works, or we’ll create a diagram, a little like the one below.

Example Automation Diagram


You can have as much or as little information as you need. Examples of what you might want include:

  • Having an explanation before anything is created
  • Having a video to document how the system works, and having that video hosted on our client dashboard platform (so that you can refer to it at any time)
  • Having written documentation and images, and having those stored on your internal documentation or wiki system
  • Having a recorded online training session with your staff over Zoom

Understanding the automations we create is important for you, as it gives you insight into what’s happening. This not only helps you identify more opportunities for automation but also allows you to highlight potential issues for us to address. For instance, there’s a system that generates data once a week, which is significantly different from the daily data. These exceptions require different handling.