Can we see a prototype? - Automation Thingies

Can we see a prototype?


Prototypes are exceptionally useful pieces of work, as it’s a way to test out ideas and opportunities before committing further funds to a project.

Most projects benefit from a prototype (a.k.a a proof of concept). This is so that both you as the client, and us as the development team, to clarify multiple elements of a project. This can include:

  • What requirements are important to you
  • How something might work when there are technical problems to overcome
  • Identifying what’s possible
  • Identifying what limitations there are
  • What features can be postponed

Creating a prototype is a chargeable piece of work, as this covers the research and development time to establish the requirements and scope of what you’re going to need. A prototype is naturally an investment as the work created in the prototype is used and incorporated into a final project. We’ll always give you a written quote for a prototype, as well as a summary of what the purpose is for creating that prototype.

Once a prototype has been created, we’ll walk you through the prototype during a meeting (either in-person or over a Zoom call). This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and suggest ideas.

What’s next? As a result of this meeting, you’ll work with us to create a list of requirements so that we can give you a quote for the next phase of development.

If the project isn’t going to go ahead: As a result of the prototype, you may decide that you prefer not to continue into a project. There are many reasons why you might make this choice, but that’s always ok.  It does happen occasionally, and we mention it for completeness.


Do prototypes only apply to big projects?

No! We can create prototypes for almost any size of project. Even spending 2-3 hours on some technical research can be very worthwhile indeed.