Can the automation be branded to my business? - Automation Thingies

Can the automation be branded to my business?

The short answer is yes, most of the tools that we create for you can be branded to your business. Where possible, we implement branding to your business with anything bespoke that we create. And we do this as standard.

To be precise, there are some nuances to what can be ‘branded’ to your business. This is because there are some integrations where branding doesn’t really fit. Here are some examples.

What we mean by ‘branding’

  • Your logo
  • Any images or icons associated with your brand (e.g. we have a robot for our brand)
  • Your colour scheme
  • Your fonts that you use on your website and marketing materials
  • Your business contact details (e.g. phone numbers, website and email addresses)
  • Any photos of you and your team

Business Portals

Yes, business portals are branded to you. When we create a branded business portal for you, then the logo image is typically in the top left of every single page of the portal. That means when clients or staff are using the portal, your logo is highly visible on every single page. We also use your logo to create the ‘favicon’, which is the icon that you see in your browser tab.

Data Integrations – e.g. Zapier or Make

No. Branding to your business doesn’t usally make sense here. Integrations such as Zapier or Make move information between different web-based applications (e.g. accounting tools, CRMs, email tools to name a few). In this situation you are moving data that is not typically seen by a human as the data moves around. This is an example of when ‘branding’ doesn’t fit. There’s nowhere to actually put a logo or business name.

Automated PDF Generation

Yes, our automated PDF tools are branded to your business. When we create automated PDFs from your data (e.g. this automated weekly PDF report tool), then this is a very good example of where you’ll want to see your branding. As the reports are typically being generated for clients, then it’s important that your branding is visible on these PDF reports. That branding would typically include your logo, any brand icons, your colour scheme and mentions of your business contact details.

You might utilise tracking numbers and/or links to special landing pages too, to help you monitor the interactions of clients because of the PDF that you’ve created.

KPI Dashboards

Yes, KPI dashboards can often be branded to your business. Whilst some KPI dashboard tools offer a free tier in their packages, usually once you start paying for a KPI dashboard product, they can be branded with logos and bespoke colour schemes. If we create a bespoke KPI dashboard for you, e.g. within a business portal, then yes, those KPI dashboards are always branded to you.

Using no-code Application Tools

Yes, where possible, if you ask us to help you create no-code tool for you, then we’ll brand it to your business.