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Super-sexy Branded Business Portals

What is a branded business portal?

It’s a secure web-based application, which requires a username and password to log in. Essentially a protected website where every user has their own username and password to log into the website to access their own content, and anything else they are permitted to access.

Your application is created show your website brand (also known as white labelling), rather than our branding.

Why have a business portal for your clients?

It can be easy for clients to forget where to find information that you’ve sent them (particularly if you send information via email). By creating a single focal point where you share key information and tools, you’re taking away a significant amount of confusion from them.

When you need information from your clients, we can create forms and other tools that standardise that information and use that wherever you need it. That information could be used in a private ecommerce portal (see example), or to create and manage software licencing, or simply used to make it easier for you to manage client information.

The most popular reason why business owners love a branded portal, is simply because it looks very professional and slick, and gives them something to ‘show off’ to their clients.

Why have a business portal for your team?

There are similarities with having a portal for your team as well as your clients. By having a single location to store documents, written processes, and tools, you make it easier for your staff to find the resources they need.

The nature of our business portals means that you can store documentation and links to external tools in the same location. This helps the team keep up-to-date with what’s being used, and how to use those tools.

The biggest benefit for having a portal for your team is we can build in tools into the portal, which helps your team stick to the processes that you define for them. Mixing automation with structure, you can coax your team to stick to a standard process by working with us to create a tool that automates some of your processes.

What information could you share on a portal?

Examples of content include documents (including PDFs, Excel spreadsheets), protected videos (such as from Vimeo, Wistia or Loom), protected web pages, training content (including progress tracking), as well as other files you might want to share.

(Techie Note: There are several ways that we can protect content too, including using auto-expiring Amazon S3 or Digital Ocean spaces links.)

What automation tools could you have integrated within a portal?

This is the most exciting bit about a business portal, as there are many options here!

Some applications such Airtable (for tables) and Cyfe (for KPI dashboards) can be embedded within the portal very easily. They have built-in technology to integrate easily within a business portal.

We can create tools using simple web-based forms. A whole range of information can be collected here as forms are, by their nature, very customisable. Once the form has been completed by a client (or staff member), the data can then be sent automatically to any number of integrations (including CRMs, Zapier, Make, and many others).