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How We Can Help

Super-Sexy Branded Business Portals

These are designed to make it easy for your clients or staff to have one central location to access video, content, documents and tools.

You’ll be surprised at what can be integrated with your business portal. Examples include:

  • Showing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to members of your team
  • Sharing videos and documents with specific groups of clients, where access is limited to just those clients.
  • Managing the collection of key data from clients to help you standardise information collection, for use in profiles, ecommerce, and more.
  • Easily managing software licences for a software product for customers, including self-service licence key generation
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Not sure how to integrate your software tools?

Want some automation help with something that’s not been mentioned already? We’d love to hear from you!

Most systems can usually be integrated in some way, but it might not be obvious how that’s possible. Please email us or schedule a call and we can see if and how to integrate your applications with either something off-the-shelf or with a bespoke integration.

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Making WordPress simpler and easier to update with clever templates

Whilst WordPress offers so much power and flexibility, it becomes very cumbersome when you have lots of similar pages.

We can extend your existing WordPress site to do the following:

  • Using clever templates, you can update a single template to update several pages at once. This can save hours of work
  • We can simply the interface for a page, so that you can show a complex mix of images and text without needing any code.
  • We can connect WordPress to data sources on other websites or software tools, so that you can show content from external sources (such as live statistics).
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